Maalaea Beach (Maui’s Longest Beach)

Maalaea Beach Crab Homes

Maalaea Beach (Maui’s Longest Beach)

You can walk 1/4 mile down sugarcane-lined Hauoli Street to the end of the road at HaycraftPark.  There, you can start a walking or jogging journey at the quiet and undeveloped four-mile white sandy MaalaeaBeach (Maui’s largest beach, sometimes called SugarBeach due to the fine-grained sand.

  • The beach is about 4 ½ miles long.
  • You may see green sea turtles or Humpback Whales (in season from late November through April).

After your beach walk you can walk just around the corner to the Maalaea Marina and Village with its general store and restaurants and enjoy a relaxing breakfast or lunch.

Or, if you have other activities during the day, then you can end the day with an evening sunset walk on Maalaea Beach and then dinner at one of the harbor area’s excellent restaurants.


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