Dining & Casual Restaurants (Maalaea Village)

Fine Dining & Casual Restaurants (Maalaea Marina)

You are within walking distance of the Maui Aquarium, the Pacific Whale Foundation whale watching cruises during whale season, snorkeling excursions, scuba diving, dinner cruises and game fishing.

  • These restaurants are nearby and convenient if you don’t want to drive.  They include  fine dining, a nice pizza place, one Deli, a good ice cream shop and one casual dining all within walking distance.
  • If you like good seafood at  a reasonable price, see the page at the bottom of the “Maalaea Attractions” page:  “Maui Restaurants Locals Like”


  • Tradewinds Mart & Deli—sandwich shop on the ground floor of the Maalaea Mermaid condominium next to the marina
  • Maalaea General Store & Café—selection of groceries and food
  • Capiche—we enjoyed a fine dining experience excellent service and good food—but not inexpensive
  • Blue Marlin
  • Beach Bums Bar and Grill–casual dining, food is OK
  • Hula Cookies and Ice Cream– we like the macadamia nut and chocolate flavors
  • Bamboo Bistro
  • Maalaea Grill

Seafood fish include

  • Ahi—“Yellowfin Tuna” has coloration that varies from pink in smaller ones to deeper red in big ones.  Its widely used in raw fish dishes, especially sashimi.  Also excellent for grilling
  • Mahi Mahi—“Dolphinfish” is thin skinned with firm, light pink flesh and a delicate flavor.
  • Ono—“Whaoo” us white and flaky, with a delicate texture, and is a lean, low-fat fish.
  • Opah—“Moonfish” comes in four varieties but all cook to a white color or can be used for sashimi, broiling or smoking.
  • Opakapaka—“Pink Snapper” has a flesh that is firm in texture with a delicate flavor, and often prepared by steaming and service with macadamia nuts.



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