Ahihi Cove

  • Maui areaSouth Maui
  • Drive time from the condo40 minutes if you take the 31 bypass around Kihei
  • Age appropriatenessAll that can wade through rocky area
  • Activity duration15 to 45 minutes
  • DirectionsTake Hwy 30 toward Wailuku for short distance until you come to the signal light for Hwy 310, and then go toward Kiehi and Wailea.  Turn right on Hwy 31 toward Wailea.  Go through Wailea on Hwy 31.  Go past Makena and road will narrow to the rocky coves.
  • Location mapsee photos on this page for the map
  • What to bring Snorkel or goggles, towels, cooler with water and food.  Wear bathing clothes. Wear water shoes to protect your feet from the rocky bottom with coral as you wade out.  (An old pair of lightweight tennis or walking shoes without socks might be second best alternative to walking shoes.)  Avoid scratching or cutting yourself on coral as it is living and any cuts take longer to heal than a regular scratch.  Plus, you hurt the living coral when you touch it. 
  • Summary descriptionGood snorkel area, but rocky.
  • Detailed descriptionLava rock provides a beneficial environment for snorkeling.  The abrupt and ragged contours of the ocean floor in this shallow area make living and hiding places for aquatic life to thrive. The water is initially knee deep and progressively becomes deeper providing a variety of depths for all skill levels. The water is generally most clear in the morning before the wind causes wave action.  Because it’s calm, the Ahihi Kinau Reserve is also a great spot to snorkel with the kids.

Remember—Always remove valuables from your car


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